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BlockBot allows you to create unique AI chatbots, trade them as NFTs, and earn from their utilization with BOT, our utility token.

BOT tokens are utility tokens within the Blockbot ecosystem. This means they serve as the "fuel" that powers transactions and interactions within the system, including the creation, trade, and monetization of AI chatbots. Individuals interested in these activities would need BOT tokens to participate.


100 Billion Max Supply

For Sale

Reserved (Liquidity & Rewards)


$BOT Available


$BOT Available
(Public Sale)


BOT/BNB (Presale)


BOT/BNB (Final Public Sale)

BNB Chain



Token Standard

Tokenomics Designed for Growth blockbot section title shape


Experience the power of our robust tokenomics model, where the demand for and value of BOT tokens are directly linked to the growth and success of the BlockBot ecosystem. Users and developers alike are incentivized to contribute to the platform, driving innovation and adoption of AI technology.

A total of 100 Billion BOT tokens will be minted on the Binance BNB Chain. 66,666,666,666 of the BOT supply will be sold to the public to ensure the community holds the majority of the tokens. 22,222,222,222 of the BOT supply will be sold to private sale. 11,111,111,112 is reserved for liquidity, listing fees, and community rewards. 11%

Token Address: 0x9a8c2b78c7ba809235733e1a9df7143483c3bf1f

PreSale: 22,222,222,222 $BOT tokens available for 1,111,111 BOT/BNB (~$0.000214 USD/BOT). Public Sale 1: 22,222,222,222 $BOT tokens available for 777,777 BOT/BNB (~$0.000306 USD/BOT). Final Public Sale: 22,222,222,222 $BOT tokens available for 333,333 BOT/BNB (~$0.000714 USD/BOT).

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Select Wallet:

  • 1

    Open MetaMask & Connect To BNB Smart Chain

  • 2


  • 3

    Select MetaMask

  • 4

    Click Connect

  • 5

    Enter BOT Amount & Click Buy Now

  • 6

    Confirm Transaction

  • 7

    Show BOT Tokens in Wallet

  • 8

    Copy & Paste BOT Address (Click Here)

Stay Updated on Our Journeys blockbot section title shape


Follow our roadmap as we continuously improve and expand the BlockBot ecosystem. Stay informed about new AI bot integrations, third-party service partnerships, and future developments that will shape the AI and blockchain ecosystems.

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Phase 05

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Q2 2024

Integration with Third-Party Services

Phase 06

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Q3 2024

Continuous Improvement and Growth

Phase 01

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Q2 2023

Platform Development and Token Sale

Phase 02

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Q3 2023

Launch of the BlockBot Ecosystem (Beta)

Phase 03

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Q4 2023

Official Launch of the BlockBot Platform

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